30-Day Challenge: Day Eighteen

30-Day Challenge: Day Eighteen

I had almost 7 hours of sleep last night and I have to say… it’s amazing what a good night’s rest will do for your outlook. I’ve been mostly upbeat all day. Work has still been stressful and tiring, but I needed that night of sleep.

I did two 6mph runs in my 30 minute walk today – it felt really good. The first one was about 3 minutes and the next one was about 2 minutes. I actually think I might consider a 5K for late this year. I feel like I’m getting ready to be able to run regularly again.

I was considering a HIIT today, but after pushing myself on the run today, my legs are pretty sore and tired, so I decided to forego that today. Hopefully next week’s schedule lets up a bit and I’ll be able to take it a little more easy, get the sleep I need and press on.

The downside to pushing myself during the walk into two solid runs should be somewhat evident in my article image above… I’ll need to start bringing a towel and shower during my lunch hour. I didn’t shower today… hopefully I didn’t reek. (Sorry coworkers)

  • Almost 7 hours of sleep
  • Quiet Time (1 Corinthians and Psalms… pretty much given up on Numbers)
  • Stretches (yes!)
  • 30-minute walk – went a little over 2 miles in about 31 minutes. Felt really good

Tomorrow we hit Day 19! So close to the 2/3rds mark!!