30-Day Challenge: Day Eleven

30-Day Challenge: Day Eleven

I’m actually writing this on the evening of Day 11, but due to the fact that I’ve posted three articles today for Day 10… I figured I’d schedule this post for the morning. And, yes, this is the short update style. I probably won’t write another long post on this until at least Day 15 (queue music) – the halfway point.

I worked from home today and that totally screwed with my workout schedule and I worked late last night. Not to mention the fact that we’re doing some pretty major stuff at work this week and it’s crazy-busy.

  • Only about 5 hours of sleep (due to working late and my body getting me up early)
  • Quiet Time (still in John)
  • Stretches (yes! I remembered!)
  • 30-minute walk (with 2 short sprints in the middle) – got me up to 2 miles today
  • HIIT
    • Wide-arm pushups (still cheating these, but they felt easier, so I’m going to try doing them full next time)
    • Cross-body Mountain Climbers (not sure if I’m keeping these in as I think they may be tweaking my back – I’m working hard to maintain form, but these are pretty intense and it’s hard to ensure you’re minimizing back movement here)
    • Modified Burpees (no jumps)
    • High Knees (petered out in the the third set here… I had performed two sprints just two hours earlier, so I’m chalking it up to that)
    • Prisoner Squats (again, focusing on form to isolate the back and ensure I’m using the legs)

It felt good to get through the HIIT today and getting to 2 miles without too much extra effort was nice as well. Not setting that as a goal, but it did feel good to run for a little bit. So far, I’ve limited that to twice a week. We’ll see if it creeps up in the coming weeks as I’m feeling more like running.

Tomorrow – Day Twelve!! w00t!