30-Day Challenge: Day One

30-Day Challenge: Day One

Day One has so far been a pretty smashing success. I woke up just before 5:30am this morning raring to go. I opened the day with my first and only step onto the scale. I weighed in at 193.5 lbs. This is a decent jump up from my last weigh-in (which was 188.5), but I’m not really surprised. Primarily, I’m not surprised because I did the thing you’re never supposed to do before you decide to go on a health challenge – I binged on things I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat and I’m paying the price for this today. I definitely felt more lethargic than usual.

Now, part of this was affected by the fact that I had a crazy work weekend as we were releasing one of our largest ever platform upgrades in company history. There was a large team of us working from 7pm Friday to 2am on Saturday morning. Then we were all back again at 8:30am and worked until 5:30pm. I’m not complaining and I’m not making excuses – but it was a factor in my unhealthy choices over the weekend.

If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that I have to avoid gluten and I’ve been doing that successfully for quite some time now. It’s just become part of my eating routine. So, when I say I didn’t eat well – it’s not that I suddenly did something stupid and ate gluten (thereby getting myself sick). Nope. What I did eat was pizza, breakfast tacos on corn tortillas, queso, corn chips, more tacos on corn tortillas, ice cream, gluten free brownies, and… no, that’s about it.

Anyway – this morning, I could tell I was paying for my bad choices this weekend because I was definitely lethargic; however, I was committed. So, as I said in my initial post on this, I opened my day with some quality quiet time with God, reading a chapter in Numbers, some of John and part of a Psalm. I used the Psalm to guide my prayer time and it was a solid time of reflection and looking to God to help me start my day.

Let me stop here and say that this is the only daily report where I’m likely to give a play by play, so this might be a bit longer. I anticipate that most of my daily reports will just list what I did and what I didn’t and how I felt about it all. But, for today… a play by play.
After my quiet time, I did some yoga that is specifically for people with some lower back issues (which I have) and I spent about 15-20 minutes working on this and confirming that I am far from limber, but we all start somewhere.

After yoga, I made breakfast, which consisted of pasture-raised eggs whisked with garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne pepper, salt, black pepper, and coconut cream. I also sliced and fried up some grass-fed beef sausage (no additives, no sugars, etc). Oh yeah, and coffee, of course – an Americano, black (mmmm). It was a nice tasty breakfast, then I got my gym bag together, took a shower, and headed to work.

At lunch, I broke out my gym bag, changed, and then did a 30 minute walk on the treadmill at the office gym, changed back into my work clothes (with an extra helping of deodorant – you’re welcome coworkers), and came back to my desk to eat my lunch (which was an Instant Pot savory beef thingy that my lovely wife made… delicious as always), ate a few pistachios and was back at it.

What I forgot to do was meditate while at the office… just got crazy busy with the aftermath of the release from this past weekend and never once thought of it.

Got home, did my HIIT (each exercise done as quickly as I can do them for 15 seconds, followed by a 15 second break, then a 60 second break once through the full cycle for 3 full cycles):

  • Pushups
  • Plank
  • High-Knees
  • Reverse Lunges
  • Bodyweight Squats

Took my daughter to swimming and looking forward to a dinner of chicken and rice (one starch eaten the evening of a workout). Oh, and I’ve had 9 glasses of water so far today.

Whew – full day. But it feels good to have made such a good start on Day One even feeling as lethargic as I had to begin with.