30-Day Challenge: Day Ten (part 1)

30-Day Challenge: Day Ten (part 1)

Once again, I’m late on this post. I’m still blaming the time change. I feel like it takes me almost a week every year to get over the Spring Forward into Daylight Torture Time.

Regardless, here I am, one-third of the way through my 30-day challenge. Today’s post will be broken up into a few posts due to it delving into some of the background and thought processes I’m having right now (and, hopefully to prevent TL;DR). Feel free to wait for the last post (which should show up in the early evening) to see my conclusions and standard update.

Food Choices

My food choices have been mostly excellent. My vegetable intake is definitely quite a bit higher than usual and except for two nights where I was celebrating with friends, I’ve been sugar free, as well. (I also did have chips one night because, well, I gave in to temptation).

My meals have pretty much worked out to be eggs and some sort of breakfast meat in the morning. I’ve come up with a recipe for my eggs that I particularly enjoy, so I haven’t gotten tired of them yet. Essentially, it’s just eggs with garlic powder, a bit of onion powder, some salt, coconut milk, and a decent smattering of cayenne pepper. I fry this up in some coconut oil on Medium-High heat and voilà, toss some Cholula on the results and I have a delicious breakfast. (I only use pasture-raised eggs and do my best to get natural or grass-fed breakfast meats.)

Lunch is almost always leftovers from dinner minus the starch (if we had one). I only eat a starch once per day and always in the evening and my rule is I have to have been active that day. No starches on lazy days. So lunch is always some sort of main dish with, hopefully, a solid helping of veggies. I admit, sometimes, there are no veggies (simply because we didn’t have any) or a small helping. Regardless, no guilt here, because my goal is to change my relationship with food and not nitpick every detail.

Dinner is family-centric. I’m the only GF/DF member of the family, but my amazing wife works hard to ensure the meals work for me. So dinner is almost always purely DF with any gluten-items as an add-on for the other members. Do I wish I could get everyone to eat gluten-free in my family? Sure. But, that’s a purely selfish desire at this point as nobody has exhibited any of the adverse effects that I have. (Note to the GF police who might read this – I hear you, but until someone gives definitive, repeatable studies that point to a ubiquitous problem with gluten for all of humanity, I’m hard-pressed to push my family into a lifestyle without an obvious benefit when nobody seems to be experiencing any chronic health issues.)

To expand on dinner just a bit – my wife has a pretty tough set of criteria to face and she handles it with aplomb, so hats off to her. I’m gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free (no corn, quinoa, oats etc), soy-free, sugar-free, and meats should be natural or high-quality. In today’s world and in the natural-foods mecca of Austin, this is far simpler than it used to be; however, we aren’t made of money, so she has to navigate the difficulty of cost vs quality every time. She’s amazing. She’s also a photographer – you should follow her on Instagram.

Pretty much every picture you see of me in action has been taken by her. As part of my crazy varied interests, I’ll be building a new website for her soon, but until then, Instagram is the best place to get to know her and her photography style.

The next post will be my musings on exercise in this first third. That will probably auto post late this afternoon with a final post late tonight (then followed, hopefully, by my Day 11 update).