30-Day Challenge: Day Ten (part 2)

30-Day Challenge: Day Ten (part 2)

This is the continuing ramble about my progress in this first third of my challenge. Hopefully, it’s somewhat interesting. It has been for me so far (but I’m biased).


Exercise has been a massive success so far. I’ve walked every day for 30 minutes without fail. My first week saw a successful four days of HIIT and I’m on track to get through the next week the same. My muscles feel great and I feel like my stress levels have improved greatly.

My philosophy going into this has been that I led a pretty inactive life and while my food choices had improved, my physical fitness had most definitely not. A lot of this had to do with my health issues (outlined starting here), but a lot (most) of it was psychological. I did have health issues, but internally, I used them as an excuse to be lazy.

No, this is not going to be a pity party and I’m not planning on waxing philosophically about the nature of laziness and the psychology of it. I’m just going to say, I know that I was allowing my health issues to be a crutch for why I couldn’t be more active. Activity isn’t about doing everything, it’s about doing something. Just a 30-minute walk that pushes you a little bit will do wonders. Do it at your speed with whatever aids you need (shoes, cane, walking stick, whatever) and it will help with stress and just overall health.

My health is far better than it was and, yes, it’s easier to exercise, but the laziness was continuing because it had become a habit. As I said in the post announcing this challenge, I needed some crazy-ass goal to literally get me off my own. So, I read and considered and then decided to push myself. I knew that walking 30 minutes a day was going to require me to take a change of clothes to work because I also knew, psychologically, that when I got home… I would not want to spend the 30 minutes in the evening walking.

I also knew that I needed to do some sort of resistance exercise. Again, I needed something that would provide a real workout without requiring the gym and without requiring a lot of time (again, this is an analysis of my own psychology towards time investment). That’s when I happened across HIIT workouts and tabata sprinting (recommended to me by Dr. Gladd). While the actual tabata sprints have turned out to be difficult due to the setup, it got me to reading a lot about short bursts of high-intensity training. So, my ten-minute workout is specifically designed to get me moving, not take a lot of time, and pushing my muscles. I would love to get this to where I could do it almost every day, but I’m just not there yet.

The Rebooted Body

Let me break here and, once again, bring up Kevin Geary. Now, the stuff I’m about to say will sound very much like an advertisement for this program. I assure you that it’s not. I’ve just never publicly discussed what this program has done for me mentally. Before I get too far, I want to point out that I’ve read and talked to people who consider this guy a bit brash and he can come across as arrogant if you aren’t invested into reading and listening to him. If you take the time, you discover that his “arrogance” is really passion plus frustration with the status quo of the fitness and health machine in America today. If you haven’t listened to the Rebooted Body podcast, I’d challenge you to give it at least 4 or 5 episodes and you’ll realize there is a lot of excellent content with some challenging and thought provoking ideas.

I’m a lifetime member of The Rebooted Body and while I haven’t followed the program to a tee, I’d realized that I’d gotten myself completely hung up on the mechanics of the program and lost the spirit of it. So, this 30-Day Challenge is, honestly, me looking back at the SPIRIT of getting a body and life you love rather than focusing on hitting every step or marker perfectly. Kevin kept telling me in the Facebook group that this is a guilt-free system. There’s no such thing as “cheating” because it’s all about changing your relationship with food and being the master of what you eat rather than letting what you eat be the master of you.

Anyway – I bring him up a lot because he’s revolutionized my thinking regarding diet and fitness. My goal now, is to take charge of my health by making conscious choices about daily movement and food that fuels me without hurting me. This isn’t a diet plan and this isn’t an exercise plan, it’s a life plan. Challenging yourself daily to make good choices so that you are learning, over time, what the good choices are and how they make you feel. It’s been a mind-altering view.

Even if you never join the program and only listen to the podcast and read the newsletter and articles, you’re going to be challenged. Anyway – yes, this is my public thanks to Kevin Geary. I’m done now.

The final post for Day Ten is coming early evening. It will give a “Where am I now” and the actual status update of what I did yesterday.