30-Day Challenge: Day Ten (part 3)

30-Day Challenge: Day Ten (part 3)

Okay, if you’ve been sticking with me throughout all three of these posts – thanks! What follows is a bit more personal. A confession, a reality check, and the actual status update.

Where I’m at Now

If I’m being completely honest with myself, I’m feeling the difficulty of this challenge at this point. I’ve wanted to quit and I’ve wanted to give up on certain elements and I’ve actually caught myself thinking the food choices are hard. They’re not. I just want to eat stuff I know will not be good for me. I want Torchy’s Tacos (on corn tortillas), corn chips, popcorn at the movies, starches at breakfast and lunch, hamburgers with GF buns, fried rice with soy sauce (no soy sauce – are you kidding me, I’m Korean!!), CHEESE and BUTTER, and french fries… lots of french fries (and home fries).

Folks – no matter what you’re thinking, most of these are not good food choices. A grass-fed beef burger on a gluten-free bun with natural fries in good oil is certainly better than your standard burger and fries from a fast-food joint, but we’re kidding ourselves if we think it’s actually good for us. Don’t get me started on soy and corn. I miss both, but do some reading, and you’ll see why I’m avoiding them due to their inflammatory properties (again, go back and ready my health journey).

Gluten-Free on its own is not a healthy choice by itself. It has to be coupled with better food choices in general. There’s nothing wrong with a grass-fed beef burger, as long as it’s not on a lab-crafted GF bun (have you read the labels on these GF buns?) and as long as you have a solid helping of vegetables (and not just fries, sweet potato or otherwise). I love burgers and one of my favorites that we make at home is the Salted Mocha Burger (really, you have to try this). I just don’t eat a bun and we ensure there are plenty of veggies to have with it (along with some oven-roasted sweet potato fries with EVO or coconut oil).

This does not mean I’m never going to have a burger and fries out at a restaurant (once I’m outside this challenge) – it just means I now recognize this must be the exception and not the rule. But in order to rid my brain of thinking of it as my go to meal… I need to go without for a season and look to other sources. I just don’t want to is all.

While I’m one-third through, the next two-thirds look FAR AWAY. There have been far too many moments where I’ve thought I won’t make it through this entire challenge. But, that’s why this is public. I already feel more motivated to make it through just writing out the confession here. So, onward we go. After all, the point of this is to challenge myself. This means there are default thought processes and cravings that define my status quo that are unhealthy. Overcoming them will not be easy and it will take concerted effort.

What I really know is that this 30-Day Challenge is really another step on this journey and it will not be a quick and easy and painless march forward. It will take discovery, daily recommitment, and honest evaluation. I am not going on a diet. I am not trying to get a beach body. I am trying to be healthy. I want to ensure that I’m creating a lifestyle where my food choices and activity levels are maximizing my health.

The bottom line is that even though I constantly toy with the idea of quitting, I am truly feeling great about where I’m at and the progress I’m making.

Actual Day Ten Status Report

Once again, I’m still struggling with the time change and late work hours are sabotaging my desire to get up early and get going. So, once again, missed the stretches, but not the walk and decided against the HIIT because I was just so stinking tired!

  • Little sleep (had to work late and my body still gets me up early)
  • Quiet time
  • 30 minute walk (including a 3 minute job at 5mph)
  • No HIIT

My goals going forward are to push my HIITs to Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday. This means I HAVE to do a HIIT today and tomorrow and then another on Sunday to get my four in for the week. I need to get these done by Saturday because doing them on the weekend is hard to schedule.