30-Day Challenge: Day Thirteen

30-Day Challenge: Day Thirteen

Last night, I ended up working until a little after 2:30am and didn’t get home until a little after 3am. Around 11pm or so, I started to get really hungry and very tired. I didn’t break down and get any additional caffeine over night, but I did grab some beef jerky as it was the only thing in the snack bar that even came close to my restrictions, so I call it a win.

That brought today with an incredibly late start (about 11am before I dragged my butt downstairs). It was a shop til you drop afternoon until almost 6pm. Jana and I went for a light walk for 30 minutes at 6:15 or so. Thankfully, I had no HIIT scheduled for today.

  • No quiet time
  • No stretches
  • 30 minute walk (a slow, easy pace because my knee felt tender, most likely pushing myself a little too hard on the walls)
  • No HIIT today

Overall, I still call today a success because I made good food choices even in the midst of a late start due to an incredibly late night of work. Still got my walk in before 7pm and it felt good.

Day 14 tomorrow and the end of Week Two!