30-Day Challenge: Day Twenty-Two

30-Day Challenge: Day Twenty-Two

Late post – this is from yesterday.

Definitely back into the swing of things. My back has been more sore, so I’m leaving the HIITs out for now until I either recover or go to the doctor to try and see what in the world is going on. I’ve changed my stretch routine to a different yoga instructor and this seems to have helped. After the workout, it’s the most relief I’ve had from the back pain than any other stretches I’ve done so far.

To be clear, I’ve gone to the doctor a few times for my back and even had an MRI – they tell me it’s all muscular and that I have what would technically be called a “weak back” (yes, that is what they told me). Due to the fact that it spasms so easily with anything that puts any sort of strain on it. Both my GP and my chiropractor have told me that I need to build core strength that doesn’t engage my back too much and continue doing specific stretches to try and strengthen the area without putting too much strain on it.

Did I do any of this? No, of course not. And now I’m paying the price of ignoring this advice and I’m once again in pain. So, I’ve been working on stretches that they gave me and trying to find other, safe, exercises to work on in the morning. I’ve definitely been experiencing some relief with the stretches, but the HIITs have probably been a bad idea.

If the back-specific yoga doesn’t help this week, then I’ll have no choice but to schedule a new appt and it will probably mean a new round of physical therapy/chiropractic care to try and alleviate the issue. Money I’d rather not spend, but I also don’t want to chance anything. Too many friends have recently encountered herniated discs and worse. So, I’m being careful.

  • Less than 7 hours sleep due to needing to be in early to assist with any fallout from the office move (really only about 5 hours of sleep to be honest)
  • Quiet Time (still in 1 Corinthians and Psalms)
  • Stretches (Yoga)
  • 30-minute walk – killed this one. Had two 6mph jogs in the midst of this and went almost 2 1/4 miles – felt great

Onward to Day 23!!