A Family That Worships Together

A Family That Worships Together

I’ve always struggled with family worship. I haven’t struggled with the benefits of it nor do I think time spent in family worship is wasted effort. No, my struggle has always been doing it regularly. I’ve tried books, guides, workbooks, catechisms, online catechisms… nothing sticks. It’s not my family and it’s not my kids. It’s me t

No matter what I attempt to do, it always loses its luster after a few evenings or mornings – I find the routine, well, routine. Everything within me knows that part of the benefit of family worship is the routine – the constant, daily, ever-present reminder of the beauty and grace of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I need it, my wife needs it, and my kids need it. So what is up with me?

If you ask me if Jesus is beautiful, I will tell you with passion that He is. I will, almost invariably, become passionate about the beauty and treasure of who He is. I will tell you with fervor how great and glorious my God is and that the Gospel is the pinnacle of all that brings meaning to life. And I’ll mean it. And I’ll be serious. Why? Because I believe those things to be true… my emotion wells up (even as I’m writing this) as I consider Christ.

Why, then, do I not share this beauty with my family on a daily basis in a structured manner? I’m honestly not 100% certain, but I’ve got some ideas that I’m looking to explore here. This exploration was the primary focus of my other two attempts at blogging: doulos2k.net and godunboxed.com. Both of those sites are now defunct and the content is taken down (mainly due to host hopping and while I have backups of that content… I’ve no desire to repost everything).

I initially considered leaving these types of posts out of the new blog, but this is the first one that actually bears my name and to leave it out would be disingenuous. My love and passion for Jesus is a huge part of who I am. I love Him imperfectly and follow Him even more imperfectly… but I do love Him. And while I fail miserably on a daily basis to be like Him, I still look to Him to transform me on a moment to moment basis. I see in Him who I am called to be and cannot abandon that call because I know that I would be the lesser for it.

So, the point… I have embarked on a new, much more fluid, time of Bible instruction for my family. I give my daughters a short passage in John and then I try to provide some questions for them to think about. I don’t really know how this is going and part of me fears I’ll give up on it too quickly… so I’m writing it down here – in public – for everyone to see. Ask me how this is going the next time you see me.

My goal in this is for my children to begin, slowly, to understand the various connections in the Gospel of John – the pictures of Divinity, the echoes of grace, the profound beauty of Jesus being Word, Light, and God the Son.

I’m already faltering… but I love to see the light bulb go on when one of them sees a connection.