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30-Day Challenge: Day Ten (part 3)

Okay, if you’ve been sticking with me throughout all three of these posts – thanks! What follows is a bit more personal. A confession, a reality check, and the actual status update. Where I’m at Now If I’m being completely

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30-Day Challenge: Day Ten (part 2)

This is the continuing ramble about my progress in this first third of my challenge. Hopefully, it’s somewhat interesting. It has been for me so far (but I’m biased). Exercise Exercise has been a massive success so far. I’ve walked

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30-Day Challenge: Day Ten (part 1)

Once again, I’m late on this post. I’m still blaming the time change. I feel like it takes me almost a week every year to get over the Spring Forward into Daylight Torture Time. Regardless, here I am, one-third of

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My Personal 30 Day Challenge

As I said in my article from Friday, it was time for another reset. It needs to be more than just a diet. I need to continue a path towards full-on lifestyle change. This is completely in the spirit of

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The Gluten Thing

For years, I openly scoffed at what I considered the wanna-be hippie religion of Gluten-Free eating. Living in Austin, TX, there are more health fads and varying degrees of natural, vegan, clean, paleo, carnivore, omnivore, soy-loving, soy-hating, garden planting foodies

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My Health Journey for the Past Two Years

In June of 2015, I went to a Health Fair on the ground floor of my company and had the obligatory cholesterol check and it was about 240, which was high (should be under 200), so they recommended I get

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