Family Bible Study – John 1

Family Bible Study – John 1

My goal in our family study time with John has been to try and get my girls to see the way Scripture is interwoven with self-reference and how the use of metaphor is designed to underscore specific attributes of God. And the Gospel, of course.

There’s a reason we tend to give people the book of John as the first book of the Bible to read. It opens with so much beauty and paints a picture of Jesus that John will reinforce throughout the rest of his book.

We’ve started in John 1 and we’ve been doing this for about two weeks now. It’s been a bit spotty as our days seem filled with busy-ness and it’s still not a habit for me. So, I’m trying to discipline myself to keep on.

What I do is assign a passage for my girls to read (they’re 13, 10, and 6). The first week, I assigned John 1:1-18 and then each day sent them an email with three questions about one specific paragraph. The instruction was to read the entirety of John 1:1-18 and then come back and focus on the single paragraph I’ve called out and be prepared to discuss the answers to the questions at dinner time.

Week One: John 1:1-18

  1. Day 1 – vv. 1-5
    • Who is the Word?
    • Name three things we learn about the Word in verses 1-5.
    • What other important things do you see in these first 5 verses?
  2. Day 2 – vv. 6-8
    • What does John say about the light?
    • What is the light?
    • What do you think is meant when the author says John has come to bear witness?
  3. Day 3 – vv. 9-13
    • What clues in this passage reinforce that the “light” John is speaking about is Jesus. (You should find at least 3 clues.)
    • What does John repeat here? Why do you think John repeats this?
    • When John says that those who believe are not born of the will of the flesh nor the will of man…What do you think he means?
  4. Day 4 – vv. 14-18
    • What does John do here to bring all of the previous verses together to ensure we know who he’s talking about?
    • Is the John he mentions here himself or someone else? Why do you think that?
    • What does John mean when he says that no one has ever seen God but the Word has made Him fully known?

So, that first week went well. We missed a day or two and didn’t end up finishing the passage until the Monday of the following week (so it took us 8 days to go through 4 days). While I wouldn’t say the girls are having fun, they have been asking some good questions in the midst of the discussion. Some great moments of Gospel instruction did occur and I succeeded in beginning the example that there are layers in scripture and John is using a layered approach to show us different aspects of Jesus.

Week Two: John 1:19-28

This passage is a bit more straightforward and we took the passage as a whole.

  1. Why do you think people wanted to know who John was?
  2. 2. Who does John say that he is? Do a search and find the passage in Isaiah that John references.
  3. What answer does John give when asked why he’s baptizing?

I was able to walk them through the echoes of earlier verses and the foreshadowing of what was to come as well as show how the New Testament quotes the prophecies of the Old Testament and shows how Christ and even the events leading up to Him are fulfillment of these prophecies.

I’m looking forward to walking through the rest of John with them to show them the beauty of His divinity.