My Crazy, Varied Interests

My Crazy, Varied Interests

For the next few posts, each topic will probably have to do with something utterly unrelated to the previous topic. I have a few things I’m jumping into feet first to see where this goes. As I said yesterday, this could be a crazy journey or it may rest on a single topic for a season and then move back and forth as I meander through my varied interests.

I know this is exactly the opposite of what everyone tells you to do if you want a successful blog. Find one thing and do it well… but I’m not looking for a successful blog. I’m just writing a record of this crazy journey I’ve decided to embark on.

As a preview, here are the things I’m working on:

  1. Changing my workout routine and my diet // Health and Body
  2. Conducting a video interview of a professional photographer specializing in documentary style photography (who also happens to be my amazing wife) // Videography
  3. Researching different configuration management methods to streamline .Net deployment // Technology Operations
  4. Perfecting my coffee roasting chops // Coffee
  5. Mastering the circle of fifths // Music
  6. Writing on this blog at least 5 times a week (moving towards daily) // Writing
  7. Creating a family worship method that works for our busy family // Worship

That’s the immediate stuff… other stuff includes:

  • Documenting my health and body journey (through photos / video / writing) // Health and Body
  • Creating a video short with my family // Videography
  • Mastering PowerShell for Systems Administration // Technology Operations
  • Writing a song // Music
  • Working on character overviews for a story idea // Writing
  • Learning piano // Music
  • Becoming a more competent guitar player // Music

Yeah… I think that’s all for now. [eyeroll]