My Personal 30 Day Challenge

My Personal 30 Day Challenge

As I said in my article from Friday, it was time for another reset. It needs to be more than just a diet. I need to continue a path towards full-on lifestyle change. This is completely in the spirit of Total Body Reboot, but not exactly on-plan. This is about continuing to change my relationship with food and to add consistent movement and rest into my daily life without over scheduling my life (which would always guarantee rebellion).

Starting tomorrow, I’ve decided to put myself onto a 30 day challenge. Not one I found somewhere  and not one that is designed to prove anything to the world at large or has a specific weight target or has a specific body target – the point is to begin the process of creating some good habits. I have always failed at these sorts of goals because I either don’t take them seriously or my inner rebel just wins out.

So, to add some adventure to this goal of mine, I’ve asked my photographer wife to help me in documenting this journey daily. Also, I’m committing to posting about my journey at least once daily. This is a crazy goal, but without some sort of big-ass crazy scheme – I’m almost certain not to take it seriously.

So, here are the parameters of this challenge:

  1. Spiritual – daily quiet time
    • Reading – no specific chapter goal and no specific time goal, but to read every day as much as I can absorb so that it’s something that I can seriously ponder on throughout the day
    • Prayer – again, no time goal, just taking it seriously and honestly asking God to help me be about what He’s doing that day and not just what I want to do (this will include doing my job well)
  2. Food – modified Whole30. The only modification for the sake of cost and convenience will be not concerning myself with dextrose or natural sugars in my meat. It is far easier (and more inexpensive) to find meats to eat without this requirement. That said:
    • No-added sugar in any drinks or other foods
    • SWYPO foods are strictly off limits
    • No alcohol
    • Starchy foods will only be eaten at dinner time – all other meals will be healthy proteins and healthy fats
  3. Daily walking/running
    • At least 30 minutes of focused walking every single day, unless I run – but then…
    • No more than two days where I break into a bit of a run – this will really be because I’m bored or short on time and need to sprint to get my full exercise in // limited to two days to prevent injury as I haven’t run in quite some time
  4. Bodyweight HIIT Circuits at least 4 days a week (with the goal of no more than two days in a row until my muscles adapt to this)
    • Incredibly short (like less than 10 minutes short)
    • Not out to prove anything
    • Stressing muscles regularly to grow
  5. Yoga or stretching exercises every morning immediately after quiet time
  6. Daily meditation every weekday in my car or other space where I’m separated from other people (practiced silence and breathing to relieve stress – nothing other worldly) for at least 10 minutes (I’ll be using Headspace for this)
  7. I will only step on a scale at the beginning of this challenge and post that weight and then not step on a scale again until I’ve completed the challenge
  8. I will get no less than 7 hours of sleep daily // the caveat here is my job can require this to bend, but that will be the only reason that will be acceptable. This also means:
    • Only one cup of black coffee in the morning // no caffeine after that cup of coffee
    • All cardio must be complete before 7pm (the walk/run and HIIT are all that would fall into this)
    • I will attempt to schedule any work assignments so that I’m still able to get my full 7 hours

So, I’m insane and am very afraid I will fail… but I want to give this my all and I’m hoping the threat of public embarrassment will keep me at the top of my game here. So, if you don’t see me post about this daily (record of what I did and how I felt along with my food choices), feel free to ask me about it.